Dos and Don’ts of the Skype Video Call - Skype Video Conferencing Tips

Based on endless number of videocalls I have complied list of a list of yes-do / please-dont-do advice for the fellow callers, to improve call quality of video calls over Skype. They are easy to implement steps to improve your call experience so much - and would work likewise with any other video channel from Google Hangouts to LiveJasmin. As always the effort you undertake to improve the communication will directly benefit the other party. The indirect benefit is that your message will be going across better as you will be better seen, followed, understood. For you to benefit from improved call the other party should implement the given steps. If your aim with communication is to hide some, rather than show all, you may adjust your setup in reverse direction of the advice below:
Testing your setup:
Equipment recommendations (updated 23. Dec 2011):
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