Walking around in town, trying to remember exact address for the next meeting, wondering if you had free time between 4 and 6pm or need to call someone -- where all the data is at your calendar at but there is no real no-nonsense way of taking a look with your Nokia phone?
This native Symbian application comes to rescue. It runs on newer phones - tested on Nokia N8 and N97 - providing access to Google calendar. It is a online realtime client. For data connection it is agnostic - can do both WiFi, 3G or anything else that you have available on the phone. This application does not work in offline mode, it does not mirror event data to phone, it does not attempt to sync data with nokias own builtin calendar.

Release notes - 1.0.0, at 12.Aug 2011
Release notes - 0.2, at 4. Feb 2010

Release notes - 0.1, at 17.Dec 2010

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Current thinking for future improvements are: